About us


Democratising The Australian property market.

About us:  Occubuy develops, markets and operates a platform that allows people to build ‘wealth’ towards their home purchase while renting.

We consider ourselves a revolutionary ecosystem, a team, a family that have clearly defined roles. We come to solve problems fast, through progressive thought and natural leadership skills. This also comes from holding each other accountable and to the highest standard. We will also fight for each other’s best interests outside of business, which will continue our solidarity long after our successful careers. As individuals we complete complimentary pieces to the puzzle in almost every regard. As you’ll see we are all just lost athletes trying to live out our competitive sporting natures through business.

Current Occubuyers..
& Growing

David is an ex-professional sportsman turned entrepreneur. MBA, certified finance and mortgage broker and ex-stockbroker and banker with the National Australia Bank. He has a passion for the digital asset and cryptocurrency space as well as fixed income, resources and real estate. 

The Hustler – David ensures the day-to-day operations are met in order to achieve the vision.

Nathan studied at UTS and has experience in law, finance and real estate. He has helped to start and build Australia’s first Peer-to-Peer Lending platform in Thincats. Nathan has experience in venture capital and raising funds for early technology start-ups, particularly in the blockchain and crypto space.

The visionary – The CEO of the company, Nathan leads the company’s overall goals and objectives. Nathan focuses on the big picture and is focused on growth, scalability and the next horizon.