Occubuy Technology

Occubuy will utilise the advancements in technology to constantly innovate and will therefore have the strongest link to the target market. We also use data to establish artificial intelligence, educational and financial algorithms to assist future generations of young Australians. Innovative countries are more productive, resilient, adaptable to change and better able to support higher […]

Australian Property Market

The following is an overview of the current residential market in Australia, highlighting the generational wealth gap, low interest rates leading to increased demand and the problem of young people spending dead money on rent. It addresses problems faced by the young consumer population, real estate agents and other relevant stakeholders. The barriers that are […]

Sustainable Community Builders

Community sustainability is the most important aspect in building a better future. In the past century we see a focus on short term initiatives that have had short term benefits but long-term negative results.

In this current era, we understand that the younger generations have longer term outlooks. This may be due to increased life expectancy or what we believe to be a greater awareness to our environmental, economic, and social challenges.

Technology and the Future

We cannot plan for the next 20 years, without discussing the last 10. This will be brief. Over the last 10 years, we have been driven by technology. The shape of “Apple’s” legendary “iMac” did not change and even its globally ubiquitous price, stayed relative to inflation. What is inside the famous/infamous “iMac”(depending which side […]