We Build Sustainable Communities

Occubuy Ecosystem


Leadership is a crucial aspect to our community, to provide guidance, direction, teachings and mentorship.


Occubuy inclusiveness and promoting harmony within our communities.


Learning from all communities particularly the native indigenous.

Open Source

Open source community learning and technology development in a transparent and collaborative form.

Occubuy Network

Interaction between members and groups of the community will ensure a strong network effect. This will not only spread our sustainable practices to grow our ecosystem but also have a positive impact on our business.

Occubuy was learnt, developed and is being taught by a global team of experts and advisors in disciplines ranging from education, to technology, to community development. Occubuy develops the technology while the IAMXO foundation is responsible for supervising the development and the cultural, social and economic movement towards sustainability.

IAMXO is a revolutionary ecosystem with the vision to enhance local and national communities overall environmental, economic and social sustainability. IAMXO has an ethos of authenticity and accountability that leads to sustainability.

Closing the nations wealth divide
one house at a time