Frequently Asked Questions

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Occubuy allows Australians to gradually build up credits in a home that the tenant has chosen to buy at a later date. We offer education, communication and community tools on the platform to ensure we assist the occubuyer throughout the renting to buying process.

  1. An individual or couple currently renting, submits an application to Occubuy!
  2. Occubuy pre-qualifies the client (a hybrid rental agent and credit assessment).
  3. Occubuyer selects homes with the guidance/assistance of occubuy and home is purchased.
  4. Tenant pays market rent, and a small portion goes towards building credits in the home
  5. Once the renter has built sufficient savings they will purchase the home from Occubuy

Occubuy allows renters to save a portion of their expenses that would normally go towards rent and live in a home that they choose to buy. It’s a win win.

Occubuy is a minimum 2 year program. While it can take a maximum of 10 years for the transition process to occur, we encourage Occubuyers to purchase the home as soon as they can afford to.

The occubuy application approval will be completed the same day! Our automation software will give a clear indication of the budget and options for the client.

Picking your dream home is one of the biggest life decisions, and therefore we can take it as fast or as slow as your wish.

Once the home is bought it will be dependant on the seller as to when you can move in.

Occubuy has the main objective of transitioning as many renters into home buyers. While this is our main goal we understand that things in life change and we don’t want to punish our clients for that. If Occubuyers are moving beyond the 8 year tenure or are choosing to opt out prior Occubuy will refund the client their credits minus any additional costs that Occubuy has incurred on the property.