Educating the youth.

 Occubuy will lead to the creation of value, towards owning your own home in order to create wealth for yourself and your family.
Our mission will aid the stability of the property market, minimise the financial generational divide and improve the stability of the Australian economy for future generations.
Occubuys vision is to educate millennials and zoomers about creating financial stability, through earlier house ownership.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4 (UNSDG 4 or Global Goal 4) is to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all (Nations, 2015).

Education is therefore a vital part for bringing about economic, cultural and social benefits to communities. It creates links and life-long connections within these communities and generates a more sustainable ecosystem.

Australia’s current education pathways are outdated and have not progressed with the new world and have come under scrutiny  (Coopers, 2014). In order for national and local communities to keep up with the rest of the world on innovation, technology and living standards, there must be an education strategy implemented which prioritises the younger generations and their capabilities. The strategy must be dynamic in nature, as the rigid learning guidelines of the past formal educators potentially restrict any type of future development and innovation.

Occubuy’s education strategy towards 2050 prioritises the below.

  • Dynamic and flexible strategy that adapts to changing communities, environments and economies and emerging opportunities.
  • Improvement in Educational research and development as well as improvement in measurement and evaluation
  • Educating our teachers as a priority.
  • Financial literacy to enhance financial capability. The ability to control money, in a way that best suits personal circumstances, now and into the future. It means having the confidence, attitude, mindset, skills and information to manage money day-to-day.
  • Provide the next generation of Australians with the foundations of property and investment literacy. We believe understanding both will allow for a positive impact on the wellbeing of individuals, their families and communities and improve their overall quality of life.

The economic benefits of long-term improvements in financial capability are significant. Modelling revealed that small increases in financial capability by adult Australians, over a 30-year period, could have an economic benefit of approximately A$212 billion. (Government, 2018)

  • Responsibility for providing free, impartial information, tools and resources to assist Australians with long-term behavioural change in this space.
  • An initiative focused on Educating, Informing and Supporting all generations beyond Gen X in making better-informed decisions in the property market.
  • Community Learning – cross-sector community where members connect, collaborate, share knowledge and discover new evidence-based approaches to improve capability. Strengthen coordination and effective partnerships. This strategy recognised that all levels of government, financial institutions, large and small businesses, community organisations and the education sector have a valuable role to play
  • Education Technology – innovation in education will come through the technological frontier. Technology will enable quality targeted guidance and support. The way people manage their money today may not reflect their financial needs in the future.
  • Equal Education that results in social equality in Australian communities, gender equality, racial equality, opportunities for indigenous Australians.

There is a lack of education for property ownership among young people. Rather than spending money on rent that leads to no investment or yield potential, young professionals will be given the opportunity to be educated, enter and get ahead in the property market through Occubuy.

 The real estate industry generally only cares for those with money, and marketing tends to only target the older gens. There is also a stigma with borrowing that forces the young millennials and generation zoomers into a 15 year rent rinse. Occubuy is here to change that and help young Australians into home ownership sooner rather than later

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