Sustainable Community Builders

Our ecosystem will forever be expanding, meaning once you’re an occubuyer you will always be an occubuyer.
Occubuy aims to educate our target market by using innovative methods to build community relationships and partnerships through technology.

Community sustainability is the most important aspect in building a better future. In the past century we see a focus on short term initiatives that have had short term benefits but long-term negative results.

In this current era, we understand that the younger generations have longer term outlooks. This may be due to increased life expectancy or what we believe to be a greater awareness to our environmental, economic, and social challenges.

This means in the business world that there is an expectation to prioritise the problems rather than the product. This mission must be authentic as unlike in past generations, the millennial and Gen Z audience have an elevated sensory around genuine.

Therefore, it is imperative that companies in the future establish authentic communities in order to be successful and scale. The ecosystem model has been a key term and has shown how the network can prosper, particularly in the digital world.

From assessing a number of business communities, we have discovered there are a number of key elements to building our own prospering Occubuy ecosystem (environmental, economic, and social framework).

  • Learning from and respecting the native people of the community. In Australia the indigenous Australians, know this land better than anyone else. In order for us to undertake environmentally sustainable practices we must be guided by their knowledge.
  • Diversity and inclusiveness. These elements are particularly important in a country like Australia where there are so many different cultures. It’s important we are culturally aware and promote harmony within our ecosystem.
  • Encouraging people to identify with and contribute to their community. Interaction between members and groups of the community will ensure a strong network effect. This will not only spread our sustainable practices to grow our ecosystem but also have a positive impact on our business.
  • Leadership is a crucial aspect to the community, to provide guidance, direction, teachings and mentorship. Communities will be a product of their leaders.
  • Open source communities learning and technology development in a transparent and collaborative form.

Occubuy will lead to the creation of value, towards owning your own home in order to create wealth for yourself, family and community. Our strategy will aid the stability of the property market, minimise the financial generational divide and improve the stability of the Australian economy for future generations. We want to give our kids what the baby boomers will give to us.

Occubuy aims to create a community by keeping in contact with our customers which allows us to service many steps of their financial and property transaction journey. Occubuy uses social media, communication channels and content that is specific to the behavioural patterns of our target market, to form a community to educate young Australians.

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