Technology and the Future

We cannot plan for the next 20 years, without discussing the last 10. This will be brief.

Over the last 10 years, we have been driven by technology. The shape of “Apple’s” legendary “iMac” did not change and even its globally ubiquitous price, stayed relative to inflation. What is inside the famous/infamous “iMac”(depending which side of the fence you sit) certainly did change. Put it simply we upgraded to endless power, access to the average consumer, style to boot. A homage to the last 10 years of progression.

The same can be said with nearly every category of business and life itself. The outside did not really appear to change at all, especially for traditional businesses, Insurance, Superannuation, Finance, Media. What did, is the underbelly of these industries. Tech giants emerged, unicorn after unicorn. Digitalisation of some things, just enough to push the “boomers” out of the loop, a little.

Social Media Hit. Reddit beat wall street. Facebook is almost a country in itself. 9 billion in prop-tech.

Let n =Price of Bitcoinn = April 2011 – $1.00 USDn + 10 years  = April 2021- $63,588 USDn = WTF happened there

n = Story of the last 10 years – Confused, why did technology just do that?

The olympics used to be held every leap year, after Japan 2021 should that change too?

The change is coming. With the amount of technology available to us, the change is near enough to plan for. That said, many companies of today are set in their traditional structures, giants, unable to pivot. They are specifically from the archaic service driven industries. The cogs of the economy driving slow cumbersome and expensive growth. Decentralisation of currencies is still far away, just as we are not close to a peaceful disclosure of China’s actual GDP.

The pre-jurassic financial processes that seemingly inhibit growth are upon us to change. The four major trends that move us in the next 20 years are;

Digitisation of everything else.

The transition of wealth from “boomers”

Transformation in education – MBA ?

Cultural and social uprise.

There is a grey difference between these trends and world shaping events that are to come. These global events may be hurdles along the same track we will inevitably run.

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