Occubuy Technology

Occubuy has a vision to use technology to provide foundations for
young Australians to create long-term financial sustainability over
the next 40 years.

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Innovative countries are more productive, resilient, adaptable to change and better able to support higher living standards. 

Investment in innovation, science and research (ISR) provides the foundation for ground-breaking technologies as well as new and significantly improved processes, products, marketing and organisational practices.

Real Estate is seen as an old traditional market that hasn’t changed much overtime. If we look at other asset industries, technology has improved and innovated the transaction process and utility. The potential for digital and technology enabled real estate management, financing, transactional, architecture etc. is endless

Occubuy’s technology strategy towards 2050 prioritises the below;

  • Increasing tenant ‘happiness’ through innovative digital experiences. These experiences allow for a greater access to secure and affordable housing + new pathways to home ownership. Expectations of property services now go beyond providing a home in return for income. It’s much more than that!
  • Digitisation of physical assets. This means that transactions take place virtually and assets are held digitally. 
  • Data, Analytics will allow for making better business decisions and automating these decisions making. This is the movement towards driverless banking which we believe is inevitable. Technology in this strategy increases efficiency of both internal and external processes.
  • Transparency is about building technologies that improve the visibility of transactions and understanding. This will ensure that customers are better informed and can make better decisions. Trust is the foundation of all business operations and therefore this plays an important role in our strategy.
  • Cybersecurity is about eliminating the risks that come with building technologies. As technologies improve, so do the threats to data breaches, viruses, hackers etc. Distribution of data is important for Occubuy, to make sure that data is not held at one central point.
  • Innovation is at the forefront of our technology strategy. To ensure that we are spending 10% of our time on undertaking research and development.